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We, at the Lamborghini Club America, extend to you, a fellow Lamborghini owner and/or enthusiast, an invitation to join our organization. The Club is a not-for-profit organization of Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts, and is the largest Lamborghini club in the world. We are a group of Lamborghini owner and/or enthusiast who appreciate the quality and design of the Lamborghini automobile. The Club was founded in the 1970’s and is the largest Lamborghini club in the world.




  • 2 issues of the LAMBORGHINI MAGAZINE and at least 1 Lamborghini Club newsletter; these contain technical information, road tests, members' mailbox, articles, international news, upcoming Club meets, and much more.  The LAMBORGHINI MAGAZINE is a full size publication printed on the highest quality heavy gloss paper, with color cover, making this publication suitable to save for future reference.


  • Free Classified Advertising – Lambo-related member’s listings in print Classified Ads are free to members; Lambos for sale are also listed on the Club’s web site.


  • Information about and invitations to the Club meets at the national and in your regional area:
    • National Events: Events are organized by Jim and Joan Heady, President (www.lamborghiniclub.com)
    • Southern California Region: Events are organized by Jim Fox, Regional Director, assisted by Al Miller and Jack Riddle
    • Northeast Region:  Events are organized by Richard Solomon, Regional Director, assisted by Patrick Rolling and Edward Manache (www.lamborghiniclubeast.com)
    • Midwest Region:  Events are organized by Andrew Romanowski, Regional Director  (www.midwestlambos.com)
    • Northwest Region:  Events are organized by Kurt Shanaman, Events Coordinator (www.photokas.com)


  • Information about and invitations to all factory special celebrations – the Club has given the tours to these events.


  • Notification of and opportunity to participate in the Running of the Bulls events on both the West Coast and the East Coast.


Jim Heady


Lamborghini Club America                 


Please make out your check for $90 USD, to:


P. O. BOX 649, ORINDA, CA 94563

Voice (925) 253-9399, Fax (925) 253-9397


Jim Heady (heady@lamborghiniclub.com)
           or Andrew Romanowski (andrew.romanowski@gmail.com)

for more information.


NAME :                                                                                                                         


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PHONE :      (           )                            Email :                                                             


LAMBORGHINI (if applicable)  MODEL                                          YEAR                  


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